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Useful Functional Movement Screening

Presented by Olivia Geraci

  • Humber College - Room A100

Service Description

So you learned about Functional Movement Screening (FMS), but now what? FMS can be useful, but it's not a one-fits-all approach. We’re diving into simple methods to screen clients, common movement deficiencies to look for, how to adjust screening to suit your clients individuality, and what to prioritize in warm-ups. Learn which follow-up exercises to implement into your clients programming that will turn their deficiencies in mobility and stability into strengths. ----- ABOUT OLIVIA Olivia is a graduate of Humber College in both the Fitness & Health Promotion Program and the Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle Promotion program. She currently holds certifications as a Personal Trainer with NASM, a Level 1 coach with Precision Nutrition, and a Women's Health Coach with Girls Gone Strong, with almost 9 years of experience in the industry. Online, Olivia works as a body-neutral health coach, specializing in empowering women to build confidence and strength beyond aesthetics or scale weight. In person, she also works as the Corporate Program Manager of the Wellness Program at LinkedIn.Her two roles allow her to make a meaningful impact both online and in person, helping individuals embrace a holistic approach to health and vitality. When not in the gym or working online, you can find Olivia spending time with her crazy orange cat, or browsing around Indigo with a Flat White Latte in her hand.

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