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Trauma Informed Personal Training

Presented by Julia Roig

  • Humber College - Room C104

Service Description

Trauma Informed Personal Training: Communicating and Programming to Meet our Clients’ Capacity 1 in 5 Canadian are affected by mental illness.As personal trainers, you may have noticed fluctuations in your clients’ mental health. Depression, anxiety, body dysmorphia and disordered eating are just some of the challenges they may be facing in their day-to-day lives. We all know how much of a positive effect exercise can have on someone’s mental health, and it is common for our clients to have this high up on the list of goals they want to achieve while working with us. But how can we as personal trainers contribute to their mental wellness as well as their physical wellness? The intention of this presentation is to equip personal trainers’ with tools to help them identify where their clients’ are at mentally, and how to work and communicate with them in an informed and sensitive way. We will explore topics such as: - Self-reflection - Trigger awareness - Therapeutic modes of communication - What is within our scope as trainers? - How mental health status can affect physical performance and how to adjust programming accordingly (trauma informed personal training) ----- ABOUT JULIA Julia is currently the Personal Training Manager at the Prosserman JCC. Julia has been in the health and fitness industry for 6 years. After having completed her Master’s in Social Work at TMU and working in the field, Julia pursued her PT certification. In her time as a trainer she quickly realized that, although many clients have goals of improving their mental health through exercise, there is a big gap in PT education when it comes to the subject and it’s effects on their performance and health habits. With a keen interest in learning about how mental wellness and trauma affects physical wellbeing and performance, Julia is looking to close the gap and help trainers develop a more holistic approach to training their clients.

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