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Group Ex-ertainment

Presented by Amanda Scott

  • Humber College - Room A224

Service Description

Group Ex-ertainment: Discover your instructor persona to deliver an unforgettable fitness class Take your fitness classes beyond a great workout and playlist - we'll delve into the diverse world of group fitness instructor personalities, exploring how different personas can infuse excitement and motivation into your classes. We'll dissect the characteristics and techniques that define a variety of archetypes that fit all kinds of fitness class and participant types. Discover the art of embodying your instructor persona, understanding the unique expectations of your participants, and delivering an unforgettable fitness experience tailored to their needs and desires. Learn why group fitness isn't just about leading exercises—it's about connecting with your audience, setting the right tone, and fostering a sense of community. Whether its to make you stronger, improve oxygen availability or help you to boost recovery, a slight optimization of breathing techniques can have a huge impact!!

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