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Jun 10, 2023, 8:15 a.m.
Schwartz/Reisman Centre

Vaughan, ON


As the world makes a comeback from the trials of the past 2 years, re-ignite your passion and transform your future with this 1-day in-person summit. Connect with leading fitness experts through the best workshops and education in the fitness industry to set yourself apart and be able to better transform the lives of those you serve.  

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Nsuani Baffoe

Kimmel Alcide 2.jpg

Kimmel Alcide

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Andre & Mariana Santos


Debra Basch

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Lee Boyce

Carmen and Maral .JPG

Carmen Puyo  & Maral Habibi


Marc Lebert


Your Fitness Sisters

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Kennedy Lodato 

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Arielle Holden 



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Wrap Up

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KEYNOTE - Be essential, stay essential
It's time fitness communities played a bigger role in society from the top to the bottom. Together we will discuss how to elevate, integrate, and disseminate our services to reach more people in need.


YOGA: The ART of Sequencing – Kimmel Alcide 

If you have been in the fitness and wellness industry for years, there might be moments when your classes and sequences become monotonous and predictable. It doesn’t have to be this way. Creating an intelligently balanced and fun movement sequence is simple if you know the secret. 

In this workshop we will explore playing the union of opposites in sequencing and moving bodies. There will be time allotted for theory, and participants will also experience first-hand a master yoga sequence created by Kimmel.  

Make your comeback to the fitness world stronger than ever- learn The ART of Sequencing.  


The Brazily Dance Experience - Dance your way to confidence! Andre & Mariana Santos 

This session is designed to shift your mindset when it comes to dance fitness. You’ll learn about how dance fitness instructors can create a deeper connection with participants and build a stronger community by focusing more on the confidence-boosting effects dance has to offer and the ripple effect this can have in people’s lives. Over the years, dance fitness classes have adopted a “push play, and go” mentality and it seems like burning as many calories as possible has become the number one priority. And while burning calories while having fun is great, it doesn’t compare to the other amazing benefits of dance. You’ll also get to experience a Brazily Dance MasterClass and learn about how Brazilian music and dance along with our exclusive formula will change the dance fitness game! 


Leveling Up During a Pandemic - Debra Basch 

On March 17, 2020, I  lost 85% of my training business due to mandatory lockdowns during the Covid 19 worldwide pandemic.   Using every tool available, from networking to concrete skills, I built a 6 Figure online coaching business with only a few thousand IG followers.  I will share my process for making a waiting list-only personal training business in the gym atmosphere and a scalable business online. 

The Long Game: Training for the Real World Beyond the Athlete – Lee Boyce 

"This presentation addresses strength training "for the rest of us" and what it takes to train as a lifestyle. It will touch on often overlooked principles to make lifting sustainable and allow individuals to train smart while training hard over their lifetime. Modifications to training goals, loading methods, warmups, and dealing with old injuries can all be used as tools for a lifter's  


Skills and Drills Elevate your Group Fitness Experience with Carmen Puyo and Maral Habibi 

Shift your mindset, create a compelling opening to your class, empowering cueing, and a powerful close that works for all ages and stages of exercisers to produce long lasting behaviour change in the areas of health and well-being. 


Back with the B’s; Bars, Balls, Bodyweight and Bands… the Ultimate Bootcamp experience! – Marc Lebert 

Join Marc Lebert, the founder of Lebert Fitness as he takes you through this high energy bootcamp with ALL their new toys! Marc will take you through his bootcamp philosophy, exercise selection, program design, introduce the new toys (and exercises) and of course a super fun and challenging workout. This will be the ultimate bootcamp experience... worthy of a comeback!  


Boot Camp Gold: Coaching a Continuum of Challenge - Libby Norris & Your Fitness Sisters 

Our goal when choosing movements for a Seniors class is to create enough difficulty to deliver both participant progress and success.  In this workshop, we will introduce a ladder of movement challenge that will provide an easy-to-implement system for movement selection that maximizes participant impact and experience.  Leave with a time-efficient tool to implement movement challenge concepts with confidence. 

Using SMR and Vibration Methods for Healthy Fascia Recovery - Kennedy Lodato 

Connective tissue, ECM (Extra-Cellular-Matrix), or "Fascia", as we most often refer to it, is the single most important organ in regard to systemic and physical health. Fascia interconnects all your organ systems, organs, every vein, every artery, every individual nerve and nerve bundles. As an example; ever wonder why your heart doesn’t end up in your gut when you’re put into an inverted position? It’s Fascia holding it in place. It literally holds us together physically, and also provides a body-wide communication system for body awareness, better known as proprioception. 


Join us as we dive into a better understanding of Fascia, and introduce how SMR and Percussive Vibration can contribute to the health of Fascia, and to it's recovery from sport, exercise and everyday activities. We'll define SMR, touch on myths and facts, and discuss appropriate applications for this intervention (or treatment). 


The COME BACK: Everyone Roots for the Comeback Kid - Arielle Holden 

We are recovering. We are reconnecting. We are coming back. So, how now do we reclaim ourselves and our space in the fitness industry?   In this talk, we will explore what it takes to recover, to reconnect and ultimately to reclaim ourselves as leaders, navigating challenges and pursing opportunities. This is our comeback story. 

YOGA: The ART of Sequencing
The Brazily Dance Experience
Leveling Up During a Pandemic
The Long Gam
Skills & Drill
Back with the B's
Boot Camp
The Come Back






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Schwartz/Reisman Centre

9600 Bathurst St

Maple, ON L6A 3Z8




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June 10, 2023  |  8:15am - 5:45pm  |  Schwartz/Reisman Centre

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