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Strive, Thrive & Achieve

Registration Now Open

June 8, 2024
Humber College North Campus, Etobicoke ON


Embark on a journey to Peak Performance at our 2024 fitness conference – an immersive 1-day event designed to empower local fitness professionals with the knowledge and inspiration needed to Strive, Thrive, and Achieve excellence in their careers.


Strive's in-person summit provides a unique opportunity to connect with passionate presenters dedicated to elevating the fitness industry.


Join us for an enriching experience featuring top-notch workshops and education, equipping you with the tools to stand out and make a lasting impact on the lives of those you serve. Elevate your skills, reignite your passion, and set the stage for a future of unparalleled success in the dynamic world of fitness.

CEC's Available

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PTS - 4

FIS - 4

HWS - 4

9 CEC's

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Click on a presenters image to view their bio and more!

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Ben McDonald

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Amanda Scott


Carmen Puyo & Maral Habibi


Dr. Famous Pullen


Jason Fisher

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Julia Roig

Kimmel Alcide 2.jpg

Kimmel Alcide

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Lee Boyce

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Mat, Christyn & Greg

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Megan Leslie

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Nsuani Baffoe


Olivia Geraci



The Keynote Presentation
Starts at 9:00 am

The Performance Paradox

With Ben McDonald

What does the word 'performance' mean to you? A lot of the time our clients think of performance in a totally different way! Join Ben McDonald for a Keynote to change the way you may think about performance by looking at how we can give our clients the minimum effective dose, create adherence and set them up for success!

No registration is required for this session, all attendees are welcome to attend.

The Morning Sessions
Offered at 10:15am & 12:00 pm

Breathing for Performance
With Ben McDonald

Breathing is often overlooked as not only the fundamental movement pattern of life but also how manipulation of breath can have a huge impact on performance!!
Group Ex-ertainment: Discover your instructor persona to deliver an unforgettable fitness class
With Amanda Scott

Take your fitness classes beyond a great workout and playlist - we'll delve into the diverse world of group fitness instructor personalities, exploring how different personas can infuse excitement and motivation into your classes.
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Nervous System Regulation Biohacking
With Megan Leslie

Regulating the nervous system helps us reset from some of the chronic stress or traumatic experiences we might be struggling with. Learn how to use ancient wisdom in the modern world, to reset your system in order to balance your mind, body and soul.
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Semi-Private Training - Boost your profits and cut your workload
With Nsuani Baffoe

As trainers, our earnings can often feel limited by how many hours there are in a week. Instead of stretching yourself to squeeze in that extra client, create semi-private training opportunities!
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Trauma Informed Personal Training
With Julie Roig

The intention of this presentation is to equip personal trainers’ with tools to help them identify where their clients’ are at mentally, and how to work and communicate with them in an informed and sensitive way.
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Unleash Your Ultimate Fitness Potential
With Dr. Famous Pullen

Through the innovative P.E.A.K acronym, Dr. Famous uncovers the four essential elements that propel top professionals to consistently achieve their peak performance.
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The Afternoon Sessions
Offered at 2:15pm & 4:00 pm

Cueing 101
With Carmen Puyo & Maral Habibi

Join us for "Cueing 101," an interactive and dynamic workshop focused on mastering effective cueing techniques in group fitness classes.
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Designing A Thematic Yoga Practice
With Kimmel Alcide

So you’ve prepared your yoga sequence, now what?  This workshop is for instructors who have been choreographing flows for decades but desire inspiration, and also for anyone who is just beginning their journey.
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I am Success
With Jason Fisher
The “I Am Success” workshop is an interactive session designed to give you a clearer understanding of your purpose and direction in life. Embrace self-discovery, unleash your true potential, and transform your path to success with positive minded people.
Strive Session Images - Jason.jpg
Mobility, Flexibility, Strength- The Truth
With Lee Boyce

In this hands-on session we will take a deep dive into the proper application of mobility training and its role in big lifts, including the application of flexibility work and the myths associated with it.
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Simplify Your Success
With Christyn Oda, Greg Simmons & Mathew Cassidy

Join our panel of fitness industry experts as they unveil the keys to business success for fitness professionals. Learn how to develop a strategic plan, create impactful programming to drive results, and master the art of brand representation.
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Useful Functional Movement Screening
With Olivia Geraci

We’re diving into simple methods to screen clients, common movement deficiencies to look for, how to adjust screening to suit your clients individuality, and what to prioritize in warm-ups.
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Registration Opens
at Humber College


Keynote Session
The Performance Paradox
with Ben McDonald


Session 1
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Session 2
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Lunch & Trade Show


Session 3
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Session 4
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Wrap Up & LIVunLtd Q&A



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Humber College

North Campus

205 Humber College Blvd

Etobicoke Ontario




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